Awesome Care Veterinary & Laser Center
1017 W I240 Service Road Oklahoma City, OK 73139
(405) 631-0569
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Hear what our clients have to say about us.

How nice it is to meet a Veterinarian that not only cares about my pet but she cares about my pet's owner. I actually met Dr Clough a couple of years ago at another hospital, she was amazing when she came into the room she immediately smiled at and made gentle eye contact with my nervous baby. She talked to her for a moment then finally introduced herself to me. Throughout the visit she was caring and compassionate to my pets fear and needs. She talked gently through her exam and made sure I understood every aspect of her exam. She left that hospital and bought Awesome Care a couple of months ago where she was able to actually lower the prices which really helped our family this year. She sees not only my 2 pets by 7 other family members pets. We think she is great. I would tell anyone go see her and you will never want another vet again. She is honest and will try to help get an affordable treatment plan even when payday is a week away. Dr Clough if you are reading this. We love You Sissy and Spook!!!!!

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