horses and riders in an arena dressed up as characters from the film grease

Our Community Service in Oklahoma City, OK

Many of the Awesome Care staff partake in volunteer and community service, working outside of their regular hours here at the hospital.

Dr. Clough and her nuclear family members donate financially as well as temporally, over ten hours apiece each week, to a youth equestrian club. This club allows children to enjoy horses and camaraderie that they would have otherwise been denied, while learning valuable skills in leadership, teamsmanship, and sportsmanship. Dr. Clough wants to give the kids another choice in life away from peer pressure. Dr. Clough’s family has enriched the lives of Oklahoma’s youth for nine years as a 4-H leader and drill coach. She spent an additional fifteen years as a 4-H leader and Girl Scout leader in California. Her California kids won many local show championships.

The Oklahoma kids have the honor of winning two equine state quiz bowl championships and thirteen national drill division titles.