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Dog & Cat Surgery in Oklahoma City, OK

Regardless of the routine or complex nature of your dog or cat’s surgery, we always follow the strictest safety protocols possible to ensure their comfort and a full recovery. Your pet’s health is our highest priority, and we can assure you that your companion will receive the best care at Awesome Care Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City.

When the time comes to discuss dog or cat surgery as a treatment option, we will answer all of your questions and make every effort to ease your concerns. We believe in keeping pet owners well-informed to help them make the best decisions for their four-legged family members, because we would expect the same for our own!

Our Dog & Cat Surgical Services

Our veterinarian can perform a variety of soft-tissue surgeries for cats and dogs that include:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Tumor removals
  • Cystotomy (bladder surgery)
  • Wound repair
  • Prolapsed nictitating membrane (cherry eye)
  • …and more

At Awesome Care, all anesthetized patients will have a private nurse monitoring them from the beginning of the surgery, to the end of the surgery.

Laser Surgery

We are pleased to offer cutting-edge laser surgery at our animal hospital. We can perform spays, neuters, tumor removals, and more with our surgical laser, which yields the following benefits:

  • Less bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Less pain
  • A smaller scar
  • Faster healing and recovery

Unlike in traditional surgery, the surgical laser actually cauterizes nerve endings and blood vessels as it ‘cuts’ the tissue, reducing blood loss and pain. The laser provides our veterinarian with greater control and precision, resulting in less trauma and an easier recovery for the patient.

Dog & Cat Surgery Safety Protocols

We recommend pre-surgical blood testing for all of our patients, but require it for senior pets (ages 7 and up) and pets who have had medical issues in the past. Running diagnostics before your pet’s surgery can help us detect underlying illnesses or other problems that could jeopardize their health while they are under anesthesia. If we do identify a problem, we will let you know and if necessary, postpone your pet’s surgery to prevent complications.

All dogs and cats undergoing surgery will be closely monitored throughout their entire procedure by a trained nurse as well as monitoring devices. Pain medication and antibiotics are administered prior to surgery, as needed, to minimize your pet’s discomfort. They will be given warm, soft blankets to keep them comfortable while they recover. In some cases, our patients may be hand held until fully awake.

If you would like to know more about our pet surgery services here in Oklahoma City or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss surgery for your companion, give us a call at (405) 631-0569.

Veterinarian performing a surgery