Meet Our Team

We would like you to meet our wonderful staff members and learn a little about each of them. We are glad to be here to help your furry family members live a long, happy life.

Dr. Cammie Clough


At 3 years old, I made it my mission in life to save every stray in my neighborhood.  I told my parents I wanted to be a doggie doctor, not knowing what the word veterinarian meant. At 10 years old, I called the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Office and informed them that I would be graduating from their school, having heard it was the best in the country. I called almost every year, on my birthday, to tell them that my plans had not wavered and to ask what I should be working on. Years later when my interview came up, I was introduced by the admissions counselor as “the girl on the phone I told you about.” I applied without completing all of the pre-requisites, sure that I would not be let in my first application, but after telling them that I bribed my husband and kids with new cars upon graduation for their support through veterinary medical school, the 3 men interviewing me spent the next 15 minutes deciding what type of car they would purchase; next I threatened to maim them if I was not accepted (jokingly of course). Surprisingly, I was accepted and began the best and worst 4 years of my life. I graduated UC Davis in 1995, interned with a surgeon for one year, and then started working at Banfield.

In 2010, the opportunity to buy Awesome Care became available. I am married to a wonderful man, and together we have 6 kids. 5 of them have kids of their own, giving John and I 18 grandchildren. My youngest daughter, Jessica, states she chooses to not add any more to that party, and is solely focused on homework and horses. 4 of our 6 currently work in assorted medical fields. At home, I have 17 horses, 13 cats, 6 dogs, 2 goats, 1 shrimp, and an ever-changing number of strays. Outside of my job, my favorite thing to do is ride horses with my grandkids. Drill team is our chosen sport, but we do go to play days (barrel racing and pole-bending), cow sorting, and on trail rides through the river. I also enjoy mashed potatoes, Top Gun, Elvis Presley, and reading – mostly animal health books, articles and instructional papers, with the occasional Harlequin Romance, along with a few Bible verses every evening. I have always lived by the Golden Rule and I encourage everyone to pet their pet, hug their family, and say an encouraging word every day. The best thing about my job is seeing the look in the patient’s eyes when they know that I am trying to help them. The best feeling in the world is treating sick patients and being able to prevent my patients from becoming sick. I love my job, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was born to be a Veterinarian. My name is Cammie Clough, DVM, and my favorite thing in the world is providing awesome care for your awesome pets at Awesome Care Veterinary and Laser Center.

Karen Engstrom

Office Manager

I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. My dad used to take me for walks around the neighborhood as a young child. We had to be sure to stop at the houses with dogs out so that I could pet them. My neighbors, Mary Ann and Bob Henkle, were a huge influence on the encouragement of my love for animals, being that half of my family was allergic to pets. I began pet-sitting for them when I was around 10 years old. I would also go on vet visits and training with their adopted dog. Throughout my time with them they had cats, a dog and Mediterranean Spur-thighed tortoises. One of my greatest memories was the hatching of their tortoise’s 30 eggs while they were on vacation. If my memory serves me right, I helped hatch over half of them. I had to monitor the incubator multiple times a day, and after they hatched I moved them to a new enclosure. They had to be fed differently than the adults as well. It was an experience I will never forget. I was also able to help train their adopted dog. She had fears of anything that moved fast with a person on it (i.e. rollerblades, skateboards, bikes.) With my help, we were able to desensitize her to rollerblades and bikes. It was a slow process, but she eventually stopped lunging at people on bikes, etc. That was a wonderful feeling for me, to be able to have a hand in helping a dog be more confident.

As I have aged, my passion and love for animals has only gotten stronger. It is no surprise that I am working in an animal hospital. My main goal was to become a veterinarian, but life had different plans for me. I suffer from Lyme Disease, and due to its symptoms I was only able to accomplish my B.S. in Zoology in December 2016, which has been my greatest accomplishment so far. My history with veterinary work began when I started working in kennels during the fall of 2000. Shortly after, I also became a bather/brusher to help out the groomer where I was working at the time. I then moved on to being a receptionist and then veterinary assistant. I can’t stay away from helping pets. I would not be happy working anywhere else. I enjoy working with Dr. Clough as she provides the best care for pets. When I am not at work, I am at home with my fiancé and his 2 youngest children. We have a 10-year old English bulldog named Centipede. I like to go fishing, camping and hunting when I am able to.

Kris Langdon

Veterinary Assistant

I am a veterinary assistant and maintenance repair employee at Awesome Care. I have various licenses and certificates that pertain to the mechanical industry as well as some college education towards an Aeronautics Engineering degree. I have been working in the veterinary field since 2003. I love the hands-on aspect of working with animals such as performing dental cleanings, drawing blood for lab work or other tests and placing catheters. I enjoy helping out families’ loved ones which keep the family smiling while they are at home. I find it most rewarding to know I help animals that can’t help themselves. I try to think of clients’ pets as a part of my own family. I love the look a patient gives me when they are happy to see me. My greatest accomplishments that I will always love are my children. I have 4 children: Destiny, Faith, Elizabeth and Kristopher Langdon, Jr. We have one Pitbull named Layla and five horses that we ride at Grandma’s named Dusty, Ms. Kitty, Pistol, Chicklet, and Huntress.. When I am not working, I love spending time with my kids, barrel racing horses, snowboarding and riding a Harley.

Shane McDonald

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

I joined the Awesome Care family in July 2016 as a veterinary assistant. I have certification in veterinary assisting under the supervision of the Moore Norman Technology Center. I am currently attending UCO as a biology major with plans to attend vet school in the future. Prior to becoming a part of this awesome team, I worked primarily in emergency animal medicine and dabbled in animal rescue work. Alongside the Awesome Care Veterinary Hospital, I provide dog walking services to our clients. My love for animals exceeds more than just a career as I have two pets of my own, Sunny and Top Cat. I continue to find joy in my profession by knowing I am able to bring care and comfort to animals in need.

Hannah Callicotte

Veterinary Assistant

My name is Hannah Callicotte. I am a Veterinary Assistant. I am currently working on obtaining a certificate from Penn Foster Career School to become a Certified Vet. Assistant. I worked in customer service for many years before coming to Awesome Care. I came to Oklahoma in 2016 from Missouri when I married my husband who is stationed at Tinker AFB. I found out about Awesome Care as I was driving my puppy, River, to her parvo treatment. I was ecstatic to discover Awesome Care.

Working with animals has been a dream of mine for many years. I currently have two dogs. Their names are Alice and River. Alice is a two-year-old, high-energy Border-Collie-mix who loves to be brushed.

River is a five-month-old, Canaan puppy who loves to go to her training class. I love working here because I learn so much everyday. Each day, I work to perfect my skills so that I can provide the awesome care the pets deserve. While I am not at work, I spend my time reading or playing with my pups.

Kate Daly


Hello! My name is Kate Daly and I am the receptionist here at Awesome Care. Working here and getting to meet all the kind, caring people who love their pets has been extremely fulfilling so far. I haven’t worked here long, but I have learned so much already. I love getting to meet all the pets and their owners and hearing their stories. Outside of work, I try to get my own pets to get along. My eight year old Princess Feta Cat has absolutely no interest in my rambunctious pit-bull-mix Smokey Boy, but we are getting there. In my free time, I like to watch TV, especially crime shows, and hang out with my boyfriend. The best part of my day is spent here at Awesome Care helping you all!

Dorri Norton


I am a professional Master Pet Groomer with 29+ years of experience. In 2013, I received a “Best of Grooming” award in Southern Utah. I graduated from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in March 2017 as a certified Crystal Healer for humans and animals.

From the time I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian/horse trainer; however, life had its own plans and got in the way. My dad had Alzheimer’s Disease, so things changed and I got a job at a pet store and apprenticed for a groomer for a few years. It turned into my life’s work. I get a great amount of satisfaction from accomplishing a groom on a scared, nervous pup, or taking time to help older dogs/cats through a groom by sitting on the floor with them, stopping for rest breaks, etc. Whatever helps them have an easier time is my goal. The most rewarding part of my job is helping the pet overcome issues they have by taking the time to work with them to feel safe, comfortable, and secure while receiving a nice groom.

Outside of Awesome Care, I am a mom to 3 amazing daughters and Grammy to 7 precious grandbabies. I live with my wonderful husband, Mike, and our 3 pups Hachimo, an Akita; Rebel, a Pitbull Terrier; and Chaos, an Italian Mastiff/Pit/Rott mix. I absolutely love my family. They are my greatest accomplishment in life so far and I’m very proud of them. While not working, you can find me out in my garden or enjoying nature with my husband and dogs.

Marina Abanto

Kennel Technician

I received a degree in accounting from the University of Cajamarca, Peru in 1985. I began working with Dr. Julieta Gonzalez when she owned Awesome Care Veterinary and Laser Center. After she passed away, I continued working here because I love my job. The confidence the doctor gives me helps me do my job well. I love taking care of animals. I love all of my co-workers and the clients. I also like to speak in Spanish to all of the dogs. When I am not working I like to cook. I have three children. My oldest, Lucia, graduated from UCO in December 2016 and my younger two are currently attending OU. I am very proud of my children and thankful to watch them accomplish the many things I wished for them.


Jessica Clough

Receptionist/ Assistant Technician

My name is Jessie Clough; I am Dr. Clough’s [favorite] daughter. I hold more than one position at Awesome Care: intern, volunteer, court jester, puppy-snuggler, future veterinarian, receptionist, assistant technician, and lunch-runner. I am currently attending Oklahoma State University Stillwater, working towards a bachelor in Animal Sciences, and the next step is Veterinary School starting in 2018. Though Awesome Care is primarily a small animal practice, my plan is to focus on equine medicine, and run an ambulatory practice out of Awesome Care. I never cared for cows…but my major is all about cows, and now I know too much about cows, so I’ll probably practice bovine medicine as well… Enough about the future! My career path started at 23 hours old, when my insane mother decided to check us out of the hospital and head to the barn. Not even a day old, and I was placed upon the broad back of my mother’s 16-hand paint gelding, Hunter. 4 short years later, I was given my first pony. Pretty Boy was a black leather bag of bones and green ooze. My mom, a hero, saved the little brat. I started riding lessons on him…well, I tried anyway. If you ever hear rumors about ponies being evil, believe it! He threw me off more times than I care to count. I remember once I was just lying there, in the mud where I had landed, debating whether or not I even wanted to drag myself off the ground and back into my little saddle. My mom called out, “Jessie? You hurt?” I was crying, but I wasn’t hurt, and I answered as such. She called back: “Then get up and get back on that pony.” Thus instilling irrepressible tenacity in a 4-year old. 17 years later, I bounce off of the ground and back into the saddle, regardless of whatever damage has been done.

At 9 years old, I fell in love with a handsome young horse named Joey. We had many adventures together, but he was soon retired, too soon due to a horrible little thing called Equine Navicular Syndrome. Without going into too much detail, ENS is an awful progressive degenerative disease of a tiny bone in the horse’s hooves. At 4 years old, seeing my mom save my pony, I decided then that I would save lives, too. But when Joey’s career ended so prematurely, I knew that I would be an equine vet. Without a doubt, I would devote my life to saving horses and their little girls from experiencing the same thing as Joey and I. I have not wavered in this. On a lighter note, I have 6 horses of my own: Joey and Pretty Boy of course; my colt, Lightning; my projects, Smokey and Pixie, and my best friend, Lyla. I share 2 with my mom: Rooger and Mr. Ed, and she claims the rest of the herd: Ginger, Dusty, Ms. Kitty, Twister, Huntress, Who, Belle, Bug, and Chicklet. My life is horses. They are everything. In the few, rare moments I spend away from them, I enjoy singing, writing, reading, going to Wal-Mart with my human friends, playing with my dogs, and making hot chocolate.