a dog laying down on a green towel

Dog and Cat Euthanasia in Oklahoma City, OK

We are here for you during every stage of your pet’s life. Unfortunately, there comes a time when your pet is ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. We are able to help you during this difficult time. We offer dog and cat euthanasia services where you can be present with your pet during those precious last moments. If you prefer an at home service and your pet is stable, we have a limited availability for this request. If you prefer not to be there, we can offer a loving environment for them when the time comes. There are services available for the after-care as well. You may decide on individual cremation and your beloved pet will return to you in an urn of your choice. We also offer an inexpensive group cremation. There are other items available such as necklaces and beads which are made from your pet’s ashes.